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This Wiki is to allow everyone to see all of the information from our table-top RPG Campaign, our official site can be found here: Alot of very useful information can be found at though please keep in mind that many things found on the traditional Pathfinder Wiki page are not necessarily correct in PBC. For questions or concerns please contact Player Liason JMA or GMBC directly.

On this page you find several interesting tid bits about PBC in general.

PBC is currently running with three groups and is always looking for more players, leaders and CoGMs.

The Paizo Publishing rule set "Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting" is used in PBC. Several PDF's and Hard Copy books are regularly brought to the table.

PBC is a very family friendly game. All of the players and members of the admin team regularly get together outside of the game for events and meals among other activities.

PBC can be considered a high tech RPG as well. Monitors, surround sound systems, laptops, cameras and recorders are all used to help in environmental push for better roleplay as well as to assist the players and Game Master in the ebb and flow of the game.

PBC first began on the in game date of Sarenith, Wealday the 4th 4708. Constantine Beck's 19th birthday. Constantine Beck is the Party Leader for Group 1.

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